How can I share another publication's post with my subscribers?

If you're reading a post or listening to a podcast episode on Substack and would like to share it with your subscribers, you can share the entire post with the cross-posting feature instead of embedding a post link and publishing a new post.

Note: You can only use this feature for free posts.

From a web post

1. When signed into your Substack account,  click on the three dots of the free post you'd like to share and select "Cross post".


2. In the pop-up, type a blurb for your subscribers about why you're sharing that post and select "Continue".


3. Select which publication you'd like to send the post from and your audience. You can send a post to your founding members, paid subscribers, or everyone.


Note: If you'd like the post to appear on your Substack, check the box next to "Publish cross-post to web. You must be an Admin of a publication in order to cross-post.

4. Your subscribers will receive an email from your publication with your blurb and the entire post.


5. If you've selected the option to publish the post to your Substack, the cross-post will appear as a normal post on your publication.


Are there stats for posts I share?

On your Posts page, posts that you've shared with your subscribers will have the cross-post icon.

 We'll display stats such as total views, recipients, and the open rate. Just like any other post, you can click on the Reach, Engagement, and Growth tabs to see granular details.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 8.33.43 PM.png

I don't want other publications to share my free posts– can I opt out?

Head to your publication's Settings page click on Publication Details in the left navigation bar. Click the toggle to the left next to "Enable cross-posting" to opt out of being cross-posted.


Will I be notified when publications cross-post my post?

On your publication's Settings page, scroll to the Notifications section. If you'd like to receive an email notification when another publication cross-posts your post, slide the toggle to the right. To opt out of receiving notifications, move the toggle to the left.


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