How do I adjust my Chat notifications?

If you have Chat notifications enabled on the Substack iOS app, you can receive push notification for when a reader replies in a Chat thread, shares an image reply, or reacts to a thread.


To turn off reply notifications for a specific Chat thread

If you don't want to receive push notifications about replies or reactions in a Chat thread, you can turn them off.

For authors:

Long press on your initial message and tap the toggle next to "Reply notifications" so that it is grayed out.


For readers:

Tap on a thread and select the toggle next to "Reply notifications". A gray toggle to the left means that you will not receive any push notifications about replies or reactions for this thread.


Note: At this time, you can only turn off notifications for specific threads and not mute the entire Substack's Chat.

To turn off Chat replies and reactions for all Substacks

Tap your Profile icon and select the Settings gear in the top-right corner. Tap "Notifications" and on this screen, toggle off what you'd like to stop receiving push notifications about.


Learn more here on how to leave a Chat.

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