How can I moderate my Chat?

Substack Chat is available on the web and the Substack app.

Here are several options to moderate your Chat:

  • Lock a chat thread by turning off replies on the Substack app.
  • Delete any reply by long-pressing it and tapping, "Delete reply" on the app or clicking on the three dots and selecting "Delete reply" on the web.
  • Ban any subscriber from your Chat by long-pressing their reply and tapping, "Ban user" on the Substack app.


Note: To manage users who've been banned from commenting, head to your Bans page on your Substack account.

If subscribers are posting images you'd prefer not to have in your Chat, you can remove their ability to post images.

For the Substack app

Long-press your Substack on the main Chat dashboard and select "Chat settings". Move the toggle next to "Photos replies" to the left. Turning this off affects all your chat threads and subscribers will not be able to post an image reply.


For the web

On your publication's Settings page, head to the Chat section. Move the toggle to the left next to "Enable image replies".


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